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Working Capital & Cashflow

Working Capital can be the lifeblood of a company’s growth. It’s simple. Take your current assets minus your current liabilities, and the difference should equal your working capital. Companies that have a negative working capital may have a hard time growing. However, companies with a positive working capital generally are able to grow and expand. You may say, my working capital number is positive, but how do I turn that into cash to grow my business? We can work with you to analyze your cashflow and financial situation, find ways to take advantage of your positive working capital and indentify products and lenders who can help you unleash the cash you need to optimally run your business.

Accounts Receivable - Factoring

Cash for Accounts Receivables!! Frequently, a commercial bank cannot provide all the loan funds a growing company needs. A balance sheet is not liquid enough, or it can't clear off the bank debt every 6 or 12 months. A factor can provide funds to clear off bank loans periodically or make additional bank credit possible by guaranteeing accounts or replacing accounts receivables with cash. One of the biggest advantages of factoring is that businesses get immediate cash (from 70 -80% of the face value of the invoices) within 24-48 hours, which means you can accelerate your cash flow by speeding up payment of the receivables.

Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order Financing allows your business to accept that big order that you just sold but that your business doesn’t have the capital to fulfill. If your business has a purchase order, and your business needs cash to fulfill it, purchase order financing might be the best solution... A Business Finance Consultant knows the ways of these lenders and has the contacts to secure financing for virtually any type of business needs.

Asset Based Financing

If your business has cash flow and working capital needs, asset-based financing may be the solution for you. These solutions are often not met by traditional banks. Asset-based financing options are customized to meet the individual needs of each company. Asset-based financing gets you money fast and works like a line of credit based upon your company’s eligible assets. The typical assets may be accounts receivable, purchase orders, inventory, equipment or machinery. A Business Finance Consultant knows the ways of these lenders and has the contacts to secure financing for virtually any type of business.

Merchant Financing

Merchant Financing, or merchant cash advance, is an alternate source of financing for businesses having difficulty securing a traditional loan from a bank. In this case, Merchant Financing is a practical alternative for a business facing cash flow problems or an immediate need for cash. Merchant Financing is the purchase of future credit card income. Regular, fixed payments are not required by the lender. A set percentage of the company's credit card sales are collected by the lender. This collection continues until the time the lender recovers the amount advanced to your company, along with the lenders fee. Lenders typically attempt to collect the full amount within a year.

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